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The Final Chapter - 5 Years of Misty Ville Horror Stories at FORT FEAR Horrorland

After five halloween seasons with the rather strange and curious citizens of Misty Ville -a small town somewhere in the west- it was time to bid all of them and their stories a fond farewell. It was one hell of a ride through unknown terrain, nonetheless the question: How to responsibly do Halloween entertainment during a pandemic?

But thanks to a fantastic team of creatives -both park internal as well as external contractors like us- every year was different and a highlight of its own. Together we dreamed up attractions like the intense Buzzsaw, Mr Dark's CarnEvil of Smiles, the immersive theatre style "The Hotel" and last but not least several different iterations of the crowd favourite: The Forest.

We would like to say a big Thanks! for the opportunity to be a part of all the dark and fun shenanigans. Here's to the things to come with FORT FEAR's big 13 year anniversary next year.

Until then, here are a few more impressions from Misty Ville's Final Chapter.

In that sense: Straight to Hell!

Photocredits: Sabrinity & !NTYA


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