Pimp My Ghost Train

  • You still own a classic ghost train type attraction?

  • You think old squeaky cars and hissing animatronics are out of style?

  • You play with the idea of tearing the whole thing down but shy away from investing a huge chunk of money on a completely new attraction?

       If you just answered all questions with "yes", we should talk!

Why not upgrade the existing attraction with modern technology and give it a new lease of life? Put in new theming and modern animatronics might appear as the obvious choice here but it's only part of our set of tools to revitalise one of these classic gems. We could integrate state of the art projection mapping effects and install 3D audio systems for example. But the possibilities don't end there: While it also is possible to integrate Virtual Reality headsets, we're going on step further with Mixed Reality where everything physical blends together with virtual apparitions.

Want to know more? Get in touch and we'll find an individual solution for you!