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Karls Erlebnisdorf opens Halloween maze for kids

At Karls Erlebnisdorf in Elstal near Berlin and their home in Rövershagen near Rostock (Germany) young explorers are now encouraged to master their fear of the dark and unknown. In this family friendly halloween attraction for kids (3 years old and upwards) the youngsters explore an old barn with an attic and all the strange artifacts and noises one would expect from such a location. The "Angsthasenscheune" (~scaredy cat, "Angsthase" roughly translates to scared little rabbit) deliberately does not use actors but rather leaves kids to walk through and discover at their own pace. And if they are brave and make it through, the finale is designed to motivate rather than intimidate. We are thrilled to have once again worked with Karls on another wonderful project and provided our expertise in concepting, show control, light- and sound design for this attraction.


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