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Innovative show technology premiers at FORT FEAR Horrorland

This years incarnation of Fort Fun Abenteuerland's award winning halloween event saw the arrival of some firsts. Intya developed a more intense version of their horror maze "TRAUMatized" which was operated as an upcharge attraction for one hour only on event nights, billed as "TRAUMatized - Extreme", presenting a novelty for the park. Besides several other frightening changes, the main difference was the patrons went through the house alone, or with a maximum of one other person if they wanted to. As the house was converted to a pitch black attraction for this experience, all that guests had to light their way was one single flashlight. Or so they thought....

In cooperation with Gantom Inc. and BlinkFX the flashlight system was designed based on our ideas. Each torch can not only change brightness but color as well (free color mixing). Each light can operate from integrated presets or via live DMX signal from a show control system, transmitted via infrared. "The feedback we received from our guests was phenomenal. Nobody expected the flashlight to do the things it did and it really freaked them out", remembers Michael Badelt.

As Fort Fear was the world premier for the system, and thus mainly a proof of concept test, an off-the-shelf version is currently being developed and is expected to be available some time in April. In the future, other form factors will also be possible, broadening the possible use cases for the technology also for other more family friendly attractions.

Should you be interested in implementing this system in your attraction, please contact us for more detailed information.

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