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Come visit "DämonXtrem"

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Come visit "DämonXtrem" at FORT FUN Abenteuerland in Bestwig, Germany, the most recent Halloween haunted house project we had the pleasure of working on.

intya was responsible for creating the core concept and script as well as directing a diverse cast of experienced (Scare-)Actors to make this haunted attraction a next generation experience. Themed by the park as a cabin in the woods, it perfectly fits its natural surroundings.

Designed around the innovative Gantom Torch system and infused with elements of immersive theatre, this is not your typical startle-scare attraction. You will experience, complete darkness, smells, tactile effects, loss of control, confined spaces and much more. And did we mention that you usually go through it alone (or with one additional person if you so wish)?

In short: "DämonXtrem" will mess with your head.

Our mantra during the design phase has been "Your own worst enemy are the images in your head, not the "inhabitants" of the house". We have always wanted to go into a more psychological and theatrical direction with halloween scares and this represents the first evolutionary step towards that.

Come and experience this unique attraction for yourself! There are still a few tickets available for October 30th 2015 (Halloween night is already sold out)

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